We’ve mostly mentioned where not to wear flip flops, which might leave you concerned that you can never wear your flip flops anywhere. This is not the case. The thing is, there’s a lot of misconceptions about flip flops and they’re more abused than used. So how are guys supposed to wear flip flops? The first thing to understand about flip flops is that they are a really convenient piece of footwear. They slip on, they slip off, they’re buoyant, they separate your feet from the floor. All the good stuff that we look for in a footwear, That is why we’ve put together 3 ways you can style your flip-flop and look your most dapper self:

1. With Tailored - Trousers:

Flipside Men Classic Brown Flip-Flops

While they may not be the first kind of footwear you reckon slipping into with a smart pair of trousers, Flip-flops are surprisingly easy to pair with a sharp bottom half. You just need the proper pair of each. For the trousers, think a slightly wider leg, but with a gentle taper down to a cropped ankle, which should finish an inch or two above the Flip-flops. This isn’t going to be a formal look, despite the trousers’ formal lean. But a leather strapped pair of Flip-flops excerpt as much smartness as possible, meaning, when worn with a Cuban collar shirt, this is an attire firmly in the realm of smart-casual outfit. For the Flip-flops themselves, go for black or brown leather and opt for a chunkier rubber sole, which will offer better impact protection against thin leather soles, and should ideally last longer. Shop now: https://bit.ly/3qzlmFL 

2. With Shorts:

Flipside Men Fluorescent Green Flip-Flops

Fashions change. That’s kind of the point, after all. Flip-flops, however, well that’s a Lazarus-like revival no one saw coming. Having been stuffed inside socks for the last 10 or so months, it’s not hard to see the appeal of open-toed footwear. Your feet deserve a breather (pedicure pending), and done right, you don’t have to wait until touch down to let your toes fly free. Though wearing flip-flops with shorts on holiday is a combination that comes naturally; once back on home turf, pulling off this look takes a little more thought. To tone down the statement of baring more leg than a victorian strumpet, go for a tonal look comprised of dark, muted colors on classic pieces like tailored shorts and a well-cut T-shirt. Oh, and add some leather bracelet as an accessory to complete the look. Shop now: https://bit.ly/37dpNOw

3. With Ethnic-Wear:

Flipside Men Drifter Brown Flip-Flops

Yes, flip-flops are seen as casual home wears but they can be worn with ethnic wear or party wear clothing as well. One should know how to style the flip-flops with his Kurta or Nehru jacket. A dapper pair of Flip-flops can take your ethnic look to a whole new level. Shop now: https://bit.ly/3jXaEGw

Now, you know how to style flip-flops with your favorite outfits. Get the most comfortable and stylish pairs of flip-flops at Flipside.