Flip-Flops aren't just a pulled together outfit kinda footwear. While they don't seem fashionable, flip flops are practical for rainy, summer weather and lazy days and they totally can be a la mode if you stop over thinking it. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have become my unsung heroes for chill flip flop outfits did you even realize that they wear flip flops relatively on a regular basis? Did you realize that Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy wore flip flops too? Even when she wasn't in the Vineyard. Did Kate Moss' vacation flip flop outfits slip past your Pinterest perusing? Maybe you also overlooked some of her 90's flip flops outfits? Perchance, I'm justifying my flip flop wearing, but these women clearly understand/stood that flip flops can look amazing. Their preference for flip flops flew under the radar because of how they styled them. Flip flops, when styled the right way, can just disappear. When styled correctly, they can even add a insouciant vibe to an outfit.

Flip flops used to be one of those big style no-no's for us, mostly because brands had been unsuccessful time and again in creating a sandal that looked sleek and polished despite being made for casual purposes. It was until we discovered Flipside.

Flipside finally succeeded in making us reckon flip flops as an suitable pick for any summer day –not only for overly-casual beach, pool or shower situations. In addition to focusing on a minimal design and high-quality materials, they also offer a vast color selection! From a broad range of neutrals to match your skin tone, to bright, glossy or metallic finishes.

 We have put together 5 classy ways to style flip-flops for you


Pair a chic over sized T-shirt or cardigan with a pair of jeggings and matching flip-flops. An effortless yet classy look perfect for a casual outing!


Try something different and bold by pairing strappy flip-flops with an oversized blazer, a belt and a pair of matching shorts, this outfit is perfect to provide you with an extremely chic and luxurious look, amazing for an evening outing!



It's pretty known that floral print outfits are perfect for summer time. to get an adorable date look, pair a cute floral dress with neutral colored flip-flops. An effortless yet beautiful and comfy outfit!



Get rid of the urge to pair your new flip flop obsession with denim cut offs this season and try styling them with printed trousers or a skirt with a fitted crop top for a more playful look and update the casualness of the shoes with flip-flops.



A simple slip dress is the perfect vacuous canvas for experimenting with any accessory. From traditional flip flops to multicoloured,strappy or even heeled, the slip midi dress and sandals are ideal pairing partners for a romantic date or even a girls' day out.