At what age do kids need clogs

According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, a clog is a shoe or a sandal that has a thick typically wooden sole.

Even though a young child’s feet are tiny,  you have to remember that they comprise over 30 joints, 26 bones and are linked intricately with muscles and ligaments. To hold them up well, there are shoes available in a range of styles to fit the unique feet of every toddler.                          

Before selecting the ones that fit them best this Spring and Summer 2021, you need to go as per the pointers suggested. Most kids need shoes by the time they are one-year-old - give and take a couple of months for early and late walkers.  

Doctors suggest that when kids are learning to walk, it is recommended that they be barefoot as it allows their feet to develop properly, besides toughening their muscles enough. When the kids start walking effortlessly and are ready to play outdoors, parents need to think of buying them clogs. When they start wearing shoes, children’s clogs  need to be flexible, allowing them complete freedom of movement while protecting their feet from getting hurt. 

How to choose kids footwear

As the feet of toddlers grow in no time, the clogs they wear for their first couple of years would have to be replaced once every three months. Parents need not overspend on their footwear too much during this period as they would have to be regularly discarded at short intervals.

Shoes of any young one should not weigh much and must be durable. They don’t need overly stiff ones. It is recommended to buy footwear for them that is organically made which will allow their feet to feel breezy and dry.

There are three tenets one needs to follow when choosing shoes for the very young:

1) the region around the kids’ heel must not cave in when a person holds them roughly between his/her index fingers and thumbs

2) their sole must permit their toes to warm up adequately and

3) any of us should be able to twist their clogs when we clutch them with both hands.

The shoes of young ones are available in all hues with different colors, designs, and aspects. The pointers that need to be taken into consideration here are their foot types, how these shoes would work in summer and spring, what if the material of these clogs is either organic or synthetic, the price you would be willing to shell out, the purpose of the shoe – playing, wearing at home, in the pool, etc. and if a child has any unique foot condition(bow-shaped, flat, others, etc.).

In springs and summers, boots make way for clogs and sandals. During these seasons, ensure that the young ones are feeling comfortable in their footwear. Pediatricians will recommend shoes that come with nonskid soles so that kids do not slip when they are playing on slippery terrains.

Important things to remember

Although available for kids in the market are any number of clog brands, the feet of a young one increase a tad when the sun is out, so shop for their shoes during these times to get the proper fit.

Children wearing shoes should not display any soreness on their heels and toes. If they do, it is a sure sign that they are not wearing shoes that fit them right.

Factor in the fact that the sizes of both feet may vary in many children.

If children are looking uncomfortable while walking or complain about the fact that the shoes they are wearing are discomforting them, do exchange them as soon as possible.  

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