Summer will be arriving soon here in India. It is also time to shed your sneakers on weekends not only while walking in the rural hinterlands or on beaches. You would also want your feet to be less sweaty. The lighter the sandals, the more comfortable you feel. Before moving further, the blog wants to make it clear that it is talking about menfolk here. 

The most foot-friendly comfortable men sandals

Where would you use them?

The problem is that there are so many choices of sandals available in the market. In such a scenario, the challenge is to choose the most comfortable sandals that fit you and look classy as well. If you are not wanting something that you would like to go on a hike with and something that lasts you primarily for the warmer period ahead, what are your options? You would be definitely looking for something that is light, simple, and stylish.

 This begs us to the question of what the most comfortable sandals for men are. You may want to choose a sandal wearing which you can loiter in your neigbourhood or stroll across to your nearest movie theatre or a coffee shop.

Protection for you on different surfaces

Despite the fact that in India, we have uneven terrains they need not fit very securely. Of course, it should keep you reasonably firm on slippery surfaces such as bathrooms, beaches, and when you walk on roads after a drizzle. If you are walking on farm fields where it is likely to be slushy, it needs to be quite tough. You will also have to check how much grip a pair of sandals provides.

Size options

It is obvious that when you buy sandals for men, women or children, the size should be just right. It helps if there is enough extra space at the end of the sandals ahead of the toes in order to keep them firm and also allowing the wearer to wiggle them comfortably.

It is important to ensure that the sandals you buy are not unstable. For instance, you should check that aspect by placing them on uneven surfaces to see how securely they stand.  

Support for your feet arches

Although we do not seek arch support when we are trying out sandals, a little bit of support at the arch of the sandals gives you more comfort. Why don’t you picture yourself walking with them? When you check them out also ensure that they are not too flat and, hence, don’t strain your Achilles heels.

They should also come with enough foot bases which absorb shock when you step on pebbles or other such impediments. As heels may not be a preference for most men, there are a variety of platform sandals available in the market.  

Whatever be your choice of men’s footwear, see to it that they provide you sufficient protection. Available at Flipside is a range of sandals that take good care of your feet and are also fashionable at the same time. One of the most affordable chic brands of footwear in the market, Flipside promises a cosy feel and style. By pampering your feet, you will feel a sense of well-being.

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