Lately, Flipside Sophia Gold Flip Flops & Sandals have become a very popular choice among our customers. The increased use of these sandals among both young and adult women is a testimony to its popularity. The sparkle and golden finish make this pair of women’s slippers ideal fashion wear for any occasion. 

Simple, yet elegant, the Flipside Sophia Gold Flip Flops & Sandals are made from synthetic transparent sole with an open-toe strap with more and more golden glitters. The sandal is held with a buckle strap making it comfortable to wear. Buy this beautiful pair of fashion footwear online from our website to make sure you get genuine products.

If you are a fan of slippers and flip-flops you already know how difficult it is to choose one from the hundreds of options available. Here are some reasons why Flipside Sophia Gold Flip Flops & Sandals are among the best selling slippers for women.


‘How good looking is it?’ This is the first thing we notice on any fashion wear. This stunning pair of flip flops comes with an open toe-strap sprinkled with glitters. This fashion footwear is all you need to add that extra glitter to your party outfits.

Protection for your feet

The quality and design of the product are two obvious reasons why you should buy a pair of Flipside Sophia Gold Flip Flops & Sandals. The quality soles and a firm grip will keep you protected on any surface you wear this footwear.

Extremely Comfortable

Wearing a pair of these shiny slippers also provides extreme comfort. The softer insides are very gentle on your feet giving you a luxurious feel every time you wear a pair of these slippers. It is also provided with a strong grip to give you confidence in your every step.

Better Blood Circulation

Our footwear is designed in such a way that it not only is comfortable but also has health benefits such as improved blood circulation. Swollen feet is often a result of using low quality or poorly designed footwear. It helps the wearers to move in style with the utmost ease. Shop online from a range of good quality and scientifically designed slippers for women on our website.


The Flipside Sophia Gold Flip Flops & Sandals are cleverly designed to increase balance and stability in your every step. No more embarrassing accidents, just keep your head held high and walk in confidence.


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