Comfortable footwear definitely makes a big difference in your everyday style. The trends keep changing and updating, but one factor that remains indispensable is comfort. So, Flipside has come up with an exclusive collection of men’s casual sandals for regular wear. Our products are made with utmost care so that you feel the comfort your feet deserve. Our products undergo quality checks and proper evaluation. Comfortability and fashion go hand in hand, so we take care to match the latest trends and designs of the footwear as per the new trends.

Flipside Men Titan Green Sandals


These casual green titan sandals for men have soft synthetic footbeds for comfort and straps for better grip. Men’s casual sandal comes with a durable rubber outer sole, offering excellent comfort and grip. Rubber is for a light feel with flexibility and suitable for daily wear.

The outer synthetic material of these casual sandals for men is lightweight and lets your feet breathe. The sandal is stain free and has anti-slip properties. The green colour and hook and loop style looks cool and stylish.

Flipside Men Ultra Comfort Brown Flip-Flops

These men’s flip flops are here with a simple and stylish look. These are casual leather sandals. Men prefer ultra-comfort, and these have soft footbeds. The casual sandals with synthetic leather straps with vents ensure breathability and proper fitting.

The outer material has high breathability. The sole material is perfect for daily use with a rubber sole for footwear. The casual sandals for men are lightweight, stain-resistant and also slip-resistant. They are available in all the sizes and have ten days of product warranty against manufacturing defects.

Flipside Men Harbour Brown Flip-Flops

These men’s flip flops have a thick rubber sole for comfort and ensure longevity. The broad straps of the flip-flops come with a sawfish print that makes it cool. The sandals provide comfort and simplicity. You can pair these flip-flops with jeans, shorts, anything casual as per your choice.

The sole is made of crepe that gives excellent traction and cushions to your feet. These flip-flops are lightweight with a firm grip. They are also stain-resistant and have anti-slip properties.

Flipside has launched the flagship product of men’s casual sandals of leather online so that you get the best quality product online under one roof.

Flipside Men Hawk Brown Flip-Flops

They are made of a soft brown rubber sole, that ensures comfort and they are antiskid. These also have wide green straps making it the best choice for your everyday wear. Also, look for Flipside Men Fluorescent Green Flip-Flops, Flipside Men Classic Brown Flip-Flops and Flipside Men Greece Grey Flip-Flops.

These flip-flops are made of a soft brown rubber sole, for comfort and grip. These also have wide green straps making it a simple yet efficient choice. The synthetic material of the sole makes it lightweight and offers excellent breathability. The outer material is for an airy and lightweight feel.

Check The Changing Trends

Over time, there have been plenty of changes in the trends, design and pattern in the style of men’s casual sandals, but the comfort factor is always kept in mind, so Flipside understands that comfort is needed irrespective of the style you opt for. Therefore, we have come with the best and durable men’s wear.

We ensure that the sandals you buy are made with genuine leather so that they impart comfort and stylish look to your persona.

Advantages of Buying from Flipside

  • Good quality rubber
  • Anti-stain sandals
  • Anti-slip sandals
  • Good design
  • Durable synthetic straps
  • Available in all sizes
  • Comfortable sandals
  • Reasonable price
  • Home delivery
  • Manufacturing warranty

Why Buy from

When it comes to footwear, the first, though in mind is the right size and comfort, we at Flipside ensure that you get the footwear of the right size at a reasonable price for the budget is very important. As for the comfort and quality, we never compromise on that factor. So, you get to buy the best men’s casual sandals at online. You need not waste your time in search of men’s casual sandals in the stores because we bring them to your home. Be rest assured as all the men’s casual sandals come with a manufacturing warranty.

It is essential to consider the comfort factor when looking for the best men’s casual sandals but go trendy also. Flipside offers both, so choose from Flipside and flaunt your style with passion.