If you are planning to head to your favourite beach destination, then you have to give a thought to the footwear you would want to wear there. Since they need to be something informal, they could be sandals or flip-flops. You have to ensure that these are not only comfortable but also durable. For them to be strong and flexible too, they have to be made either from leather or rubber.

Selecting one option over the other from one of these two isn’t as easy as each has its pros and cons. Your choice will, therefore, depend on various factors. Let’s examine each of these. Choosing the right pair of footwear is essential for you to have a nice holiday whatever the destination may be. Sandals are, therefore, the preferred wear if you are headed for a beach where the weather is usually warm.

Although there are a number of beachwear sandals that are available in stores for women and men, it is up to the person wearing them to choose the one that meets both his/her style and comfort. Many styles of sandals may look attractive outside but when you put them on, there may not be enough room for their toes.

Beach sandals of the leather variety look classy and provide a lot of comfort to the wearer. Yet, leather sandals are not conducive when moisture is around, affecting their durability in a matter of a few days on any beach. They can, however, be protected when people wearing beach sandals apply leather wax to them before they start using them on seashores. It is, in fact, proven that leather is one of the most durable footwear if it is taken care of properly.

Pristine leather has some positive attributes that many other materials lack. Although it reduces sweating, is tough, flexible, does not contain any toxic chemicals and is not harsh on the skin, it is more expensive than many other materials of footwears.    

Coming to beach sandals made of rubber, they too score because of certain features. As they do not get wet, they are the ideal material for beach sandals. Rubber beach footwear does not sink but only floats, allowing people to navigate waves without the fear of losing them. They are a safe bet for children venturing into sea waters. Moreover, rubber sandals never lose their original shape even after extended periods of use.  Apart from being flexible and elastic, they do not weigh much, are easily cleanable, stain-resistant and long-lasting.  This makes rubber beach sandals cost less than their leather counterparts.

If you are looking to buy the best men’s beach sandals that give value for their money, then rubber beach sandal is the one you ought to opt for. It has to be borne in mind that they look less classy than the leather beach sandals.

If you are looking here for suggestions, then all we can say is that it depends totally upon the choice of the buyer. Style-conscious people prefer leather beach sandals. It is a surely better alternative than the ones made of synthetic materials. More women than men may prefer leather beach footwear.

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